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Interview with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

  • Hi Dimitri and Mike! Thanks a lot for your agreement on an interview with TechnoBase.FM! Let’s begin with a little sarcastic question: When did you sleep for the last time?
  • Well we’re in Australia at the moment on tour so even our regular sleep patterns are totally messed up! But I guess yeah, we’re so busy all the time you might ask when do we find the time to sleep.
  • The last few years were extremely successful for you. There are not really many DJs or producers who have experienced such a rapid rise in the EDM-scene. Where would suspect the secret receipt for your extraordinary career? Is it your music, your live performance or perhaps clever PR-work?
We’re totally blessed with our career so far, and I hope for many years to come. There’s not really a big secret to it, we just work hard and we love what we do... and try to be a bit different than the rest.
  • Three times in a row, you both were involved in the production of the official Tomorrowland-anthems. It’s obvious you seem to have a special relation to this festival. Could you tell us more about it? What makes Tomorrowland so magic for you? Do you regard it as an honour that some of your productions have become really characteristic for the Belgian “fairy-tail”?
Tomorrowland has been a major part of our career, on every level. We’ve done the Anthems for them which have been huge tracks for us, especially when you think about the amount of exposure that the festival gets all over the world. We’ve also done the official soundtracks to their after movies which get seen by millions everywhere... we try to get a unique vibe in those movies together with the ID&T crew!  For both of us, it’s a really unique and special festival, but not just because of the music and the acts and the whole design of the thing. We actually grew up a couple of minutes away from the festival site and we used to play there as boys so it really is a home-coming gig for us. Actually last year our grandparents came to see us there, they were rocking it out at the front of the crowd, I think we both realized where we get our party attitude from!!
  • One of those tracks I mean is “Mammoth” which was created in collaboration with Moguai. This one is going to release on 3rd March. However, “Ocarina” is at least equally epic and has become known all around the world. Do you plan to release this track, as well?
We’re still looking at it, but sometimes we like to keep tracks bubbling until we feel ready to let them loose – it’s always better to have everyone waiting, no? 
  • As we all know, you are brothers. Among siblings, some quarrels are mostly usual and daily business. Can you both confirm this?
We actually get on really well. Of course we sometimes have little arguments and stuff like that but nothing serious. When we’re not on the road we work in separate studios so I think that helps quite a lot, we’re not in each other’s pockets 24/7.
  • From reading the combination of your artist names, the suspicion that you like Vegas could arise. Could that be true?
I love Vegas, yes! But It didn't play a part in chosing my name.. never even was there when we picked our name! Actually we just confirmed last week that we’ll be residents at the new LIGHT club in Vegas which is run by the guys behind Cirque du Soleil. We’ve seen the plans for the venue and it’s out of this world, we’re buzzing to be a part of the whole thing.
  • Steve Aoki seems to be a close friend and mentor of yours. To which extend did he take influence on your music, your profile and your career in general?
Steve’s a great guy and a really good friend yes. We’ve had a massive amount of support from him for our music, releasing tracks on the Dim Mak label but also going on tour with him and Datsik last year around the States, that was insane man! We had so much fun, being out on the road was a big laugh, he’s a crazy, crazy guy but he knows so much about music, his influence on modern music, not just dance but also indie, is incredible when you look at it. He’s definitely a unique character in dance music and to work with him, it’s a real honour.
  • Only a couple of people might know that - especially you, Mike - used to produce hip-hop-music. Why did you change the genre?
Ah, the hip-hop question!  Yeah Mike’s been into hip-hop for a long time and I think that the MC element of our live sets really brings part of that into play. But we’ve both also been into rave for a long time as well and I lived in Ibiza for a long time playing at parties all over the island. Once Mike got over there and started MCing live over my music, there was no turning back, it was a real natural fit for us.
  • Some days ago, Tiësto premiered your brandnew single “Turn It Up”. Please tell us a little about this latest production, its background and style.
Turn It Up is a collaboration between ourselves, and the GTA guys from Miami... we started talking on Twitter and before we knew a new track was born... we added some extra Wolfpack -elements ( who are signed to our Smash The House label ) and there you go!
  • “I hope this feeling never stops. I hope the crowd never stops. The moment never stops. And the summer keeps us shining bright like it always does. But in the end, what do I know: I guess the future is what we make of it” – you know these last words in one of your videos. So, what do you want to make of your future? What can we expect from you; how will you continue?
I want our future to continue to grow, to become bigger and more successful, to dominate the electronic music scene. We’re receiving huge amounts of support right now from guys in the industry, the press and of course fans, which tells me that we’re doing at least something right. We keep true to ourselves and we continue to push, we’re not content with where we are right now, I know that we can become even bigger. Our Smash The House label is becoming more and more recognized and established around the world and we both want to see new up and coming talent signed with us so we can give them the support that we’ve received, and grow the whole Smash The House sound. We’ll also be starting up a weekly radio show around April called ‘Smash The House’ appropriately. We want to bring the sound of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike to everyone that wants to listen, we want to smash the biggest festivals and clubs, we want people to go crazy to our music. I think we’re very much on the way to that, but things can always get bigger and they can always get better.
  • Thanks a lot for the interview! Our team and community wishes you guys all the best for your further career and the future!

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