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Interview with Defector (English version)

  • Hello Defector, I’m glad to have the chance to interview you.
To start off, here is a very simple question: What did you do before you started producing hardstyle music?
No problem guys, love to!
I have always been a music lover back in the days. I’ve listened to many kinds of music like dance, trance, rock, hardcore and more. When a good friend of mine showed me the program Virtual DJ I was like “That’s cool!”. I started to practise with it and make some mixes for myself and friends. Back then I dropped some DJ mixes online and the response was positive. From then it went on and I bought my first vinyl turntable set. With the love for different kinds of music, my biggest love was hardstyle and so Defector was born. A year later I wanted more and started to produce my own music. Years of trying, failing, succeeding and struggling, my producing skills becomes better and better. In the year 2012, I had my first official release besides the Defqon1 Australia Anthem 2010 I’ve produced for the Q-dance contest.
  • Your first EP “The Hunter” was released in October this year. How long have you been working on this EP and what are you doing if you are not producing new tracks?
I’m a perfectionist and I really try to make everything as perfect as possible. I really don’t know exactly how much time I spent on the tracks but believe me, that was a lot of hours and I’m really satisfied of the results. Mostly when I don’t produce anything new, I love to experiment with sound design. Takes a lot of time but you learn a lot from it. When I’m not producing or any music related things, I love to work out at the gym, chill with friends or I am just being busy with my education.
  • Did you know about HardBase.FM before and what are your impressions to our side?
I recognize the name Hardbase.FM when I’m browsing the web when I’m searching for a liveset to listen to. You guys really have passion for Hardstyle, just like I do. It’s really cool when people come together and share their passion with each other on the web. Your site and stream look really cool and I’m definitely going to tune in when I have the time.
  • Did you have some bookings in Germany since you've become a DJ and which differences did you discover between Netherland and German Hardstyle parties?
Too bad I didn’t have a booking in Germany yet. Hopefully the Germans want to hear more from me and love the music I make. It would be awesome to play some tunes for German public, because they know how to get the party started. So Germany, u wanna party with me? Book me and let’s party hard like never before!
  • Defector, can you describe the one gig, where the crowd impressed you the most?
That’s a hard one, let me think. I remember a party called “PUUR” when I played after Crypsis. I had to shut down the party and fill in the last hour. Mostly I open events or play at the small areas of an event. Now I had the chance to close the party and it really went off. Everyone went crazy and they really enjoyed the set. That moment when I dropped my own track “Dark Magic” was also epic. It’s a special feeling when people are going wild on your music, really cool to experience that feeling.
  • What can we expect from you in the future?
U can expect a lot of new stuff from me. I love to produce euphoric tracks but also, as you know from “The Hunter EP”, the raw side of Hardstyle. Sometimes I try to combine those styles in one single track. At the moment I’m really busy with my education but also producing new tracks. A new track called “Defector - Bust A Screech” is almost done and ready to hit the decks. It would be cool to do a collab in the future with another producer that has the same passion and vision on Hardstyle as I have. Keep an eye on my social media for all my music related stuff and be up to date when it comes to my music!
  • Last but not least, do you have a few words you want to tell our community?
Keep up the good work, share your passion, do your thing, love the music and keep it hard! Thanks for the interview and I really hope to see u guys at a booking in Germany!
Greets with the beats,

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  #1   heny 29.11.2012 18:34   
Klingt ziemlich sympathisch und seine Tracks sagen mir auch zu. Schönes Interview Shaak!