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Interview with Francesco Zeta (English version)

  • Hello Franceso, I’m glad to have the chance to interview you.
To start off, here is a very simple question. How have you spent your summer vacations this year?

Hi! First of all thank you for this interview. :) My summer holidays were really short this year..only some days at the sea here in Italy. I had some bookings around in Europe...and my girlfriend had university exams..
  • Your latest album 'Unmistakable' was released this march. How long have you been working on it and what are your favorite tracks?
I worked on this album for many months, choosing only the tracks that had something special – which could get out of the classic hardstyle. Regarding the album itself, my favorite track is 'Unmistakable', although it's very hard to establish this one in the clubs. Besides this one, the tracks that gave me the most satisfaction are 'Superstyle' and 'Roch'n'Rave'.
  • Are you having a break right now or do you proceed in creating new tracks?
Break? What is this? Hahaha :D No, i am always in the studio! I just finished the new track together with Activator and now I'm working on another collaboration.
  • You are now hosting your own radio show on HardBase.FM since six months now. Did you know HardBase.FM before you started streaming your “Superstyle Radioshow” on it?
Yes, I already knew HardBase.FM because I had hosted some shows a few years ago!
  • As an internationally booked DJ, you have played in your home country Italy and in Germany as well. Which differences are there between Italian and German hardstyle parties?
Talking about Germany in general is not easy. Germany is big! And every place is different. Playing in the north of Germany like in Hamburg is one side. Places near to the border to the Netherlands are others. And playing in Munich for example is also completely different. Making comparisons is not easy :)
  • Francesco, can you describe the one gig, where the crowd impressed you the most?
The 12th birthday of Bionic in the UK this July was very cool! But there are many parties that I will never forget. :)
  • Thanks for your answers, Francesco! Have a nice evening.

Francesco Zeta Official Facebook Grafik: Peeeya

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