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Interview with Quickdrop

  • Hey William, first I would like to thank you very much for spending your time to lead an interview with TechnoBase.FM! Well, being only 16 years old you are one of the youngest successful producers in the dance-scene. How does it feels? Was that your dream and do you work hard to realize that?
Thank you very much for doing the interview with me! :) It feels amazing. Yes, it was my dream and it was quite hard to make it come true, since there are so many in my age producing music. So it feels very nice to already have been featured many times on Future Trance, Dream Dance, DJ Networx, Tunnel Trance Force and many other CD compilations with my own productions and remixes.
  • Let us know when the time was that you felt the inclination to become a producer. How did everything start? Were there any influences from friends or maybe the dance-music? Who are the people who support and help you in some difficult situations?
I started making music in 2007 when I was 12 years old, but it wasn't until 2009 that I started more seriously to produce music. I don't have many influences from my friends because there's almost nobody I know who listens to Hands Up. It's the dance music itself that has been the best inspiration! In difficult situations there's one person who always helps me out with almost everything. He is Thomas Petersen.
  • William, your first single was called “Don´t Go Away” and many remixes were released as well. Was that your breakthrough in your career as a producer or do you think that you are still in the initial phase?
I think it was a smaller breakthrough. I think my latest single “Wings” is a bigger breakthrough. I also have my other project Gainworx which is Hard Trance on the label Metrophonic Resistance which belongs to the same label family as Sonic Flash where I have Quickdrop signed. I also have a hardstyle project called Black Mirage on Lady Tom’s own label in Switzerland.
  • You have released many remixes for popular producers like Brooklyn Bounce, Jan Wayne, Discotronic or OverDrive Division. Your favorite genres are Hands Up and Hard Trance, aren’t they? Do you have some other musical inspirations?
Yes that's true. My favourite genres are Hands Up and Hard Trance. I also like Hardstyle very much and a bit of House, but not much.
  • Okay, I think you still have to go to school. Do you have fun there? ;) What do other classmates think about you? Do they know about your big talent?
Yes I still go to school and it's okey, but not more. ;) My classmates think it's really cool that I make music and that I have succeeded as much as I have. They think I have a lot of talent.
  • Now, let´s talk about a bit about your free time. What are your hobbies when you aren’t working on a new remix or something else? Do you do any sports like football or play the guitar?
On my free time I play football in the A-team in the local football club where I live. I live on a small island called "Öckerö" in Sweden.
  • On 07.05.2012 your latest Single “Wings” was published on the label Sonic Flash. In collaboration with Thomas Petersen you also produced a hardtrance-remix as Gainworx which was included on the Dream Dance Compilation. People talk about music and this is why also some of our community-members commented on the production: “The vocals are mega!” or “original <33” are only two excerpts. Are you a bit proud of yourself?
Of course I am a bit proud of myself but I normally don't think I am the "best" or something because I still have a lot to improve, such in my style and my sound!
  • Please tell me whether you have some other inspirations from artists for your own productions. Why do you like him or her?
I am very inspired by Thomas Petersen when I make Hard Trance. But when it comes to Hands Up, I am inspired by Cascada and Rob Mayth. I know that's what most of Hands Up producers would say, but I'm actually not really inspired by other artists.
  • In the past, you produced lots of remixes. Do you spend lots of time on your productions? What do your parents think about your hobby? Are they proud, too? ;)
I use the time I need to do the remix. Is it a more difficult track to remix, then it comes natural to use more time on the remix. If I am in a very good flow and the song enthralls me, then I can have a great idea for the remix in only a few hours. The full production takes a couple of days though to make it “big”. It all depends on the song, which I remix. And yes, my parents like my music and they are a bit proud :)
  • What can we expect from you in the future? Are you currently working on a new remix or maybe a new single?
You can expect to hear plenty of new remixes and singles from me in the future. I won't stop until there's something that really prevents me. I am working on some new remixes at the moment, and on the 21.05.2012, I also released my debut hardstyle single called “Black Mirage – Trust / Clouds” on the Swiss hardstyle label Acova Records. Both “Trust (Gainworx Hardstyle Remix)” and Clouds are featured on the latest DJ Networx and the upcoming volume. I also have new Quickdrop and Gainworx singles in production.
  • So, my last question is whether you would like to say something to our big community and maybe the people behind you who are helping you to keep on developing yourself as an artist? Do you have some tips when people want to be a producer? ;)
Thanks to the whole Technobase community for supporting my music! :) I also want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me to develop and succeed as an artist. Those are my label bosses Marlon Jürs (Accuface) and Johannes Ripken (OverDrive Division). And then there's also my very best friend Thomas Petersen, who has helped me with almost everything. My advice for people who want to be producers is to never give up and just keep on trying until it sounds really good!

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