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Interview with Justin Corza

  • Hey Justin! Before I’ll start asking you anything, I would like to thank you for your interest to lead an interview with TechnoBase.FM! Really great to have you on our pages! So far, you have produced several HandsUp-remixes for Emvace vs. Tierra, Marc Kiss, Pete Sheppibone, Dual Playaz and many other artists. Especially your remix of “Everyday I See You” has become really really popular. Would you call this one a kind of “personal breakthrough” or do you think that your most successful production was another one?
Hey Sebastian and the whole Technobase community! First of all, I’d like to thank you for the opportunity, I’m really pleased to do this interview. To answer your question, this year was amazing for us so far. We’ve made many successful remixes in 2011. I can’t really say which one was our breakthrough, but I can’t deny that “Every Day I See You” is the most popular one. My personal favorite is the remix of “High On Emotion”, because it was something different from what you hear nowadays. I remember having a debate with the label about it, because they said it’s not so interesting. I’m really glad that the people proved they’re open for new things. :)
  • At the moment you are on a perfect way to become one of the most influential HandsUp-artists. How does it feel to be more and more popular in the scene, to have videos on Youtube with almost 16.000 views and to receive hundreds of friendship-requests on Facebook? Do you also see some dangers in this rapid development?
Thank you very much for the kind words! It feels really great to see that so many people support us and they like what we do. About the danger, if there will be too many of them, I’m not sure I will have the time to always reply to their messages. :(
  • You often collaborate with Greg Blast. Tell us, what makes the work with this artist special?
I released my first remix in 2009 at Mental Madness Records. It was a really big thing, because there aren’t many hungarians who had official releases in the Hands Up scene, so I quickly got the attention of other producers. In the beginning of 2010 Greg contacted me and wanted to collaborate with me. By that time I was working on “Push It Again 2.1”, so I gave the project file to him and told him to finish it and we’ll see. :D I really liked his crazy ideas and our remix became quite popular, so we decided to stick together. Working with him is really easy and fun, because our taste in Hands Up music is almost the same.
  • People often claim that your style would be similar to a legendary one, which does not exist anymore, unfortunately. You know who I am talking about: The one and only Rob Mayth. Do you think, it is true that your mellows and kicks remind people a little bit of him?
Actually, Rob Mayth is the reason why I started to produce Hands Up music and being compared with him is a huge honour for both me and Greg. I often hear people saying that they want Rob to come back and produce in his old style, so we dedicate our songs to these people. Of course, we’re not Rob and we don’t want to be like him, but still, we can call his style the “root” of ours.
  • As I interviewed Ced Tecknoboy, he explained that it would be necessary to build bootlegs of new and recent songs to remain interesting and competitive in the scene. You, however, only produce songs that will release and are nevertheless one of the most successful newcomers at the moment. So, do you disagree with him in this point?
Cédric does have a point in this. People think that I don’t like bootlegs at all, but that’s not true. What I don’t like is bad productions. The problem is, you can do almost anything in a bootleg. You can cut complete parts of other songs and use it in your production or you can also steal melodies from others. This way it’s not hard to make a song in less than a day. Many people don’t spend time on learning about producing, they just want to make songs quickly. This leads to bad productions, in my opinion. On the other hand, it’s a great way to get thousands of views on Youtube if you make a bootleg of a recent hit. Unfortunately, most of the time people find the bad bootlegs first and those make a bad image of Hands Up music.
  • To your mind, what are the ingredients for a high-quality song in the HandsUp-Genre?
What you need is energy and a catchy melody. A lot of people make way too commercial songs and they totally forget about the flow in their productions which makes them uninteresting, if you ask me. I have a hidden love for crazy details. :)
  • Almost nobody might now that you are called Ferenc Karsai in reality. Which character has become the predominant one? Do you regard yourself rather as the „Justin“ or as the „Ferenc“? :)
I think I’m doing a good job remaining myself and being friendly to everyone, so I don’t have that certain „producer attitude“. „Ferenc Karsai“ and „Justin Corza“ are the same person, only the name is different. :) Funny that I know most of my real life friends through music and they call me either Justin or Vincent (my former alias) in person. :D
  • You have lots of fans and are really open-minded towards them. Especially on Facebook you know how to entertain them, answer questions and are available. Do you think it is important for an artist to act like you do it?
90% of the people tell me they’re surprised that I’m friendly to them, because they’re not used to this. Most producers don’t even reply to emails, but I chat with the people on a daily basis and I give feedback on their songs. I know not everyone can do this, I do have a lot of free time, that’s why it’s possible for me, but still, replying to emails doesn’t take that long and it makes them feel better. I really think producers should appreciate their fans, because they wouldn’t be famous without listeners.
  • „Justin Corza & Greg Blast meets Tba - Could It Be Love“ - this will be your first own single. Until now it is a mystery which artist „TBA“ could be. Would you like to give us some very exclusive information about this big question? :)
Okay, roll the drums... It's one of my biggest influences, Addicted Craze. :)
  • The Topmodelz-remix is already available and obtainable. Do you know a date when this „TBA-mix“ and the official Justin Corza & Greg Blast-version can be bought?
We had some last minute changes in the remixer list, so it’s a bit delayed, but it will be released before December if everything goes well. :)
  • You live in Kecskemét , Hungary. Is your music-style popular there, as well, or does HandUp rather impress people who live in Germany, France or the Netherlands?
Unfortunately, it’s not popular at all. Not in clubs, not in radios. Although, I discovered that there are underground Hands Up parties in my city every other week. Everyone is tired of hearing the same songs in every club. There are 4 discos in my city, all of them plays the same style of music on the same night. What’s the point of that? :)
  • You also know how to speak German! :) At last, you have the possibility to speak to our fantastic community in our language and I won't translate your words! :)
So, let’s see what my „high school german“ is capable of. :D
Dickes dickes DANKESCHÖN für die unendliche Untersützung. Wir hoffen, dass euch unsere zukünftigen Produktionen genauso gefallen werden. :)
Vergesst nicht: Buy music to keep the scene alive!
Thank you very much for the opportunity again!
We aRe oNe! – We Are Dance!

Justin, many thanks for this great interview! We wish you all the best and really hope that we can push your productions as well as possible. Have a good time! :)

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