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Interview with Sasha Lopez

  • Hello Serge! Thank you for your interest to lead in interview with TechnoBase.FM! Yesterday, your highly awaited single "All My People" released officially. It might be a kind of late summer-hit because not only the musicvideo, filmed in Greece, provokes hot feelings but also the music itself. How did your idea for this song came up and how do you feel when you think of all those beautiful Ibiza-ladies around you? ;)
The song idea came up as always, it was a flash, an inspiration of the moment. That we started developing the idea. As for the girs in the video, of course it is a pleasure to work with beautiful girls, but it is a job and I always had a professional relationship with them.
  • The name "Sasha Lopez" does not only stand for you, anymore, but often also includes your American friend and vocalist Broono as well as Andreea D.. Where have you met them and which attributes make you a good team?
Sasha Lopez is my nickname, is not the project name. Now all my shows include my two vocals – Broono and Ale Blake. They are highly professionals and their vocal skills fit perfectly with my style of music.
  • You used to attend a music school in your hometown Chisinau when you were a child. Am I mistaken when I say that you have always intended to work in music, once?
This was the place where my career begun.  At the age of 15 I’ve started mixing in a club there in Chisinau and in short time I got a job in the biggest club in the cityas resident DJ. I’ve been mixing for 8 years.  Even if I studied economics, I’ve always been music addicted, so you can say that I have always intended to do music.
  • Your first big success after your straight career as a deejay was the single "Everytime", which was included on a Ministry Of Sound-Sampler and became a real number one-hit in East Europe. Together with vocalist Tanya this number was released under the name "Studio One" and was constructed more calmly and drivingly. If you compare this style to the style of "All My People", what has changed and improved?
Studio One was a project I cared a lot but now is a closed chapter of my life. I think everybody has a moment when they make an update in his life and career and that was mine. As an example, “Everytime” was an undeground song while “All My People” is a mainstream single.
  • Since two days, your most recent and still unreleased song "Weekend" is available on Youtube. Can you give us a hint when this song will be obtainable?
We have recently released “All My People” in Germany. For Romania, my new single is “Weekend” which I sing together with Broono and my new female vocal - Ale Blake. My label will decide the realese date in Germany, but until then let`s enjoy “All My People”.
  • A few days ago, you stayed at Sri Lanka. Over 45.000 people went there and bought tickets to take part in your gig. Was this the biggest party you ever enjoyed so far? How did you feel? Is it usual that Sri Lankans listen to house-music?
In Sri Lanka I've discovered wonderful people and a warm audience. The people there love european house music. There were people at the concert, but my biggest show counted people.
  • You were invited to have a private dinner with Sri Lanka's president Rajapasksa, as well. Can you tell us what you have talked about and how it felt to receive such an invitation?
I was impressed by such an invitation, it was a great honor for us. The president Rajapasksa wanted to thank us personally for our gesture of waving the national flag of Sri Lanka on the stage.
  • Could it be that you are a great fan of FC Barcelona? :)
Football is my favorite sport and YES I`m a big fan of Barcelona. Is my favorite team since Gheorghe Hagi played there.
  • Currently, you do a lot of travelling all around the world. Do you have a location in mind where you have not been until now but would whish to go there?
Me and my colleagues, Broono and Ale Blake  have traveled this summer all over the world, but we have not been to Germany. We are looking forward to know better your audience and to perform on a stage in your country.
  • From 6th October onwards, there'll be VIVA-spots about you and your songs as well as a and a big public radio-campaign. Your Youtube-videos have been watched about 11 million times. Would you regard this as your definite breakthrough in music-business?
I`m very proud of this success but I`m sure the future has a lot in store for me.
  • What do you love to do instead of producing, mixing and visiting parties?
Anything else I`ve choose it would be music related, even if I must confess one of my hobbies is football and if I hadn’t been injured during a football game I would have practiced it.
Serge, thank you very much for this great interview! On behalf of our whole team, I wish you all the best for your future and a fantastic selling-rate of "All My People"! Best wishes to Broono and Ale Blake, as well! :)

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Am 08.10.2005 um 20:00 Uhr von Basti

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