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Interview with Avicii

  • Hey Tim! At first, I would like to thank you very much for your time and willingness to lead an interview with TechnoBase.FM. It’s an unbelievable honour for us to have you on our websites! Your real, professional career as a producer began in 2008 and your single “Manman” was a first big breakthrough for you. Even the legendary Laidback Luke mentioned you on his Myspace-profile after you had won a Pete Tong’s label competition. Was this the moment when you guessed how big your actual potential was, or did you realize this even earlier?
I think that was the moment I realized I might actually have a shot at this profession, even though it had been a dream of mine for a long time!
  • Within two years, your fresh productions and your label At Night pushed you higher and higher and you became one of the most famous and successful producers and deejays of our time. How did you experience this rapid rise? Would you say your life has totally changed or do you still have some personal “rituals” you won’t give up ever?
Actually Ash (At Night) is my manager not label. My life has definitely changed completely. I almost never get time off anymore and it can take months before I have time to go home and see my friends and family. But despite these drawbacks I love what I do and I’m happy to be able to travel as a DJ and I try to take it day by day and not to focus on "succeeding" too much.
  • Quite a lot of people think that your single “Levels” was the best track you have produced so far. Please tell us a little bit about this song with its famous and fantastic melody. Another urgent question for the majority of your fans might be, if you or your label intends to release this track ever. Are there any plans or will it be a “bootleg” forever? :)
There is definitely going to be a release, we're just working out the vocal-part right now and we want it to be 100% before I release it. Hmm there is not really much of a history behind it. I just sat down behind my keyboard one day and liked the sound of the hook. From then on I just followed normal routines with feedback from Ash and onwards! It came together very quickly, to be honest.
  • It is difficult to categorize your music-style, because the songs often contain a kind of mixture between Progressive House, Electro and Trance. If people compare - for example - “Malo”, “My Feelings For You” and “Streetdancer”, they’ll realize that every track sounds completely different. Is this a kind of “secret receipt” never getting caught up to a specific subgenre of house?
Well it’s nothing elaborate but it was something Ash wanted me to do from the beginning to keep the sound fresh and innovative! I just try to make music I like and then I guess I just kinda of hope everyone else will like it as well! I don’t have much patience so I guess trying out different sub genres is my way of not getting bored with myself!
  • You were on your first world tour in 2010. Which feeling was the predominant one? Stress or joy? Which club would you call “Best Club of the World”?
Definitely joy! I’m still very new to all of this, so I haven’t really felt much stress until now. Right now for instance I’m doing a North America tour with 34 gigs in 29 days and I’m 2/3rds through it already and it has just been such an amazing experience! I would say the best club in the world is “Guvernment” in Toronto!
  • In 2010, you landed on rank 39 of the DJ-Mag Top100-Voting. In a few days, the voting-results of 2011 will be published. What is your personal prediction? Could you imagine becoming a competitor for the Top10-Deejays from 2010?
Honestly neither Ash nor I really care that much about that voting. It definitely means a lot to me to see that I have even been catapulted into the DJ top 100 and that people vote for me. However, except of this nice attribute it doesn’t really affect us that much!
  • The next question is one you might hate. :) You are only 22 years old and in spite of this, you belong to the world’s most successful producers and deejays. What helps you to stay down-to-earth? Do you think this is important in music-business?
As I said before I really just try to take it all day by day and go with the flow. Some people get bigheaded very easily but I don’t see myself ever becoming like this. In addition, I have my parents, Ash, friends, and my upbringing to keep me grounded!
  • Who is your personal favourite artist you love to listen to and why do you admire his or her sounds?
At the moment I would say probably Coldplay or Adele. I just think they’re both genuinely talented and almost every track they make I love. 
  • Do you think people have chances to become really famous only by being a deejay? Or is it - sooner or later - inevitable to start producing own tracks to establish one’s reputation in the scene?
Production is definitely a must to make it in the EDM scene today. There is just too much competition!

Tim, thank you very much for this interview! TechnoBase.FM wishes you all the best for your future and hopes that your great success will continue or even intensify! Have a good time and best wishes to Sweden on behalf of our whole team! We are glad to be able to support you!


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