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Interview with Ced Tecknoboy

  • Hey Cédric, first I would like to thank you very much that you offered to spend some time on an interview with TechnoBase.FM! Four months ago, you stood in front of a crowd of thousands on our Easter Rave 2011 and got in touch with our webradio for the first time. Your set sent lots of guests into ecstasies and you saw them freaking out to your music. More than a few were of the opinion that your set together with your friend THT was one of the best. How do you think about the feeling standing on that stage, filling masses with enthusiasm? Is this the moment when a DJ thinks that he has done everything right?
Hello dear Technobase crew, I’m pleased to do this interview for you. Easterrave was a massive party. So much people were here to support dance music, it was wonderful. When we was in backstage with THT and we saw the crowds crazy on the floor, we get an awesome feeling, and when our name was written on the wall for the intro, yes it was like a dream.
  • Let us take a look on your career as a DJ and producer. How did everything start? Have you still been interested in music as a child or did you get your inspiration later? Who is the person that has supported you most on your way up to the world’s dancefloors?
My passion for music has came when I was listening track like 666, Sash, Alice dj, the first ‘big bass’ in music industry. Then I discovered the nightclubs, the party feeling and my live changed, I dreamed to be a deejay! I bought my first turntable (it was the vinyl time) and practiced at home. Some months later, I worked as resident for a music bar near my home. It was also the beginning of the hardance (not really hands’up), with dj Dean Ballanation series, and with years it became real hands’up. Just before the golden years of this style, I won a dj contest in one of the best club in east France, called “le Subway”, and then I get some booking in club of this area, like “Le Zorn” and many more. Around 2007, I get my own party, each month, during 2 years in a club called “Le Spirit” and meet lot of great artists there. In the same time, I was resident for awesome “Furious Night” parties, with more than 2000 clubbers! This period made my interest for music production. I was already a local hero as dj, playing everywhere, but I missed something really important: my own tracks …
After some years practicing, I met by internet a great guy, the best one. This man, you all know him: He is DJ THT! My clubbing experience, added to his incredible producer skills, pushes us to make lot of collaboration together, searching a way to make people dance on our sounds.
We grown quickly to the front of the scene, by remixing lot of great artist, big names in dance music industry, and also working on some bootleg to make our set lovelier for party crowds and bring an exclusive way …

The person who has given me the best support is for sure Dj THT, and I want to thanks him for everything he made for me!
  • Obviously, you have affection for HandsUp. In the past, you have released several tracks and especially your latest bootlegs are very popular, also on our TechnoBase.FM-Streams. How did you discover this genre and what do you like most of it?
Well, it seems that everybody discovered that my favorite style is hands’up (lol). I will try to explain why. At first, the tempo is really good, not too slow, not too fast (ref: electro and hardstyle). I love to feel the Kick drum and the offbeat bassline in my body, with powerful sound system. This style has also something more than lot of others: melodies with powerful synth! By the way, for some people it sounds like music for child? I can answer that I want to stay young all lifelong!
  • Unfortunately, HandsUp is less and less popular in Germany. The market is flooded with unprofessional productions of young-generation-artists and quality falls by the wayside. Therefore, the amount of discos which play HandsUp decreased radically within the past few years and our music-style becomes more and more a “forgotten one”. Is this phenomenon in France noticeable, as well?
I think the situation is the same in all countries; hands’up has become an underground style. At my beginning as dj, it was really popular and all clips where on TV, with same credits as what we call mainstream now. And for sure, we lost a great generation of producer this last years, and the newcomers want to be popular too quickly.
  • Lots of HandsUp-producers have changed their minds and now produce house- or hardstyle-music because of financial aspects. Have you ever thought about changing the genre in order to be part of a more lucrative market? Or will you remain loyal to HandsUp?
It’s sad, but yes, we lost most of our best producer. Maybe they gone for a more lucrative market, I think so. I can confirm that living with dance music earnings is almost not possible. Labels don’t want to pay lot of money, for tracks that they can’t sell to massive market; it’s the main rule… The dance music communities don’t have enough power in the worldwide music market. For myself, I don’t live only with music earnings, so I can stay in my favorite style, and continue to make people dance on what I prefer.
  • As already mentioned, lots of people claim that bootleg-mixes of existing songs are poisonous for the dance-music-scene. You as well produce lots of them, but of course, they are of a totally different quality and often get released as an afterthought. How do you think about young artists who want to test their skills and therefore produce and play low-quality remixes on webradios? Does this destroy dance music?
The problem is not that they produce bootleg of mainstream hit; the problem is that they share them (by playing on webradio or uploading on YouTube). It is good to practice by making bootleg, but it’s not good to share unprofessional stuff on worldwide networks. When someone listen to that he think, shit hands’up has gone…
I know that everybody wants to be popular, and if a bootleg is good, for sure it helps growing in community. But honestly, 95% of tracks made by people who didn’t work at least 3 years in music production to get skills are very bad.

For me, I produce bootlegs for only one thing; I need to stay fresh as international dj and playing only releases nowadays is not enough. The new generations of clubbers want always fresh sound, so I try to stay in this vibe… 
  • You often collaborate with Breakboy or DJ THT. What makes the work with these both artists special? How did you get to know them?
At first, for people who don’t know that, Breakboy and Dj Tht is the same guy. It is just an alias for one of our project together. I work often with THT, because we are on the same feeling, each one knows how to work with the other one. We work with same programs, same add-on, and same tools. The most important point is that we have a perfect thrust together. His skills + my skills + my club experience are a winning team for powerful tracks.
  • Throughout the years, you have developed an unmistakable style. Most of your remixes and productions are specially known and popular for their brachial and loud basslines, provided with sharp and clear mellows. Did it take you a long time to develop this soundset or did you have clear ideas of what you wanted to produce from the beginning?
I’m not sure that I already find my perfect soundset, and for sure I know lot of producer better than me. I cleared some of ideas, and my most inspiration is THT, because I learned a lot with him.
  • Ced, normally, everybody has an idol in life. Who is your idol? Do you admire anybody in the music scene or in general?
I don’t really have an ideal icon. I put all my respect for people who have success because of their good work and talent, when they deserve it! Someone who works 24/24 to be the best and get success is for me one of my idols. Someone who has success without working seriously doesn’t get my respect.
  • So far, you have obliged your fans with your sets in several discos and clubs. Which was the best one? Do you have special memories of one evening?
A lot of parties and club has given me good feeling. I had my own party in Le Spirit, each month and it was great to have followers, who came as regular fan to enjoy my sound, that’s a good memory. Also my favorite party was in France in a little town called Butten, in front of 2000 crazy people, where I made the opening for Floorfilla. I keep this hight in my dreams. And to finish, Easterrave 2011 was massive, with a crowd of real dance music fans !
  • I bet that many of our youngsters ask themselves, what a Ced Tecknoboy does in his free-time except of producing music. Do you have any other hobbies or “secret passions”? :-)
I will give another dimension to this question: I produce music only in my free-time… I work 45 hours each week as engineer in mechanic design, managing project, building special tooling for industry. I also spend lot of time in my private life; I try to don’t forget who my real friends, in the real world are. In the evening and weekends, I try to answer all my fans, and I produce my official remixes and bootleg, and also travel everywhere for my bookings.
  • What can we expect from you in the future? Do you have any plans for new productions, gigs or collaborations?
I would like to have more booking in Germany, and why not Poland and Czech Republic, to meet a new part of my fans. For production, I will continue to make bootleg to bring something fresh in my liveset, and also working on official remixes to save the dance music release. I also have in project to make a new single, which is not a cover, and also working on an album, maybe in collaboration with my friend Tht.
  • Do you sometimes listen to TechnoBase.FM? What’s your opinion about our radio-project? Would you, maybe, even have interest to play a guest set on our streams, bearing in mind that over 12.000 people would listen to your beats? :-)
To be honest, I don’t have lot of time to listen to radios, just sometimes to support dj that I like. I’m ready to play on your stream as soon as possible. This radio is maybe one of the best or the best for fresh dance music.
  • Okay, finally, you have the opportunity to address yourself to our community. If you ever intended to speak to TechnoBase.FM, this is your chance!
What can I say? I hope that I written correctly, without mistakes. Also, I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the Technobase community and crew !
We aRe oNe!
Cédric, thank you very much for this great interview and your time! Our team wishes you all the best for the future! Keep on helping the dance-music scene to stay alive by producing such fantastic stuff! We hope our relationship will continue intensifying! Grafik: Basti
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