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Interview with Steve Mulder (English version)

  • Thank you very much for taking the time to answer a few questions. Let us start with some questions about your personal background: How did your passion for electronic music, to be exact the passion for techno, arise and what makes it so special?
It all started a long time ago. I always liked electronic music and the art of mixing. As a kid I used to listen to a man called Ben Liebrand. I’m talking about the mid eighties. He used to (and still does till this day) make mini mixes every week on a Dutch radio station, Radio Veronica and at the end of every year a “Grandmix”. I was just mesmerized by his ability to mix more then a hundred different tracks together in 1 hour. In the late eighties and early nineties I started to listen to house and techno, and immediately liked the power of it. I heard people like Carl Cox, Josh Wink and Armand van Helden for the first time and that’s when I got really interested.. A dj like Carl can mix 2 or 3 tracks together and make it sound like his own style, that’s what makes it so special for me.
  • What induced you to spin the turntables, rock the place with the finest of music and finally to produce your own music?
I started buying techno and house records in the mid nineties and started mixing them in my bedroom at my parent’s house. It all became more serious around 2001 / 2002 when I discovered my sound. After a few years I wanted to make my own music and started producing. My first record came out in 2005 and got picked up by Carl Cox and the rest is history..
  • Your music is inventive and exception less a treat for the ears. You listened to the sound of underground legend Carl Cox at a local radio show in the early days of your career and you were immediately able to identify with his sound. Assuming that you would not have listened to this show, at what certain point would you now stand in life and would it have been possible to get the same level of fame and success as you have it today?
That’s a good question.. I think I would have heard him on another occasion sooner or later. I just was captured by the combination of house and techno he played and the fact he played with 3 decks. That was never done before. But let’s say I never heard him back then, I think I would have been involved in music one way or the other.
  • Let's stay at your relation to Carl Cox: You cherish a deep friendship today and you did a Guest-Set on Carl Cox' private radio station. Not all that long ago you had a gig at the Space Ibiza event – together with Carl Cox. How did it feel to put on your music in front of so many people and what did it mean to you to perform together with Carl Cox?
It was a dream come true.. He has been an example for me for years and then to be invited and play with him is just unreal. In 2009 I played the set before Carl in the discoteca in Space, and the vibe in the club was the best I’ve ever experienced! Every clubber in the world should go to Space one day. And this year I’m on the terrace with Nic Fanciulli and Riva Starr. To play before crowds like this is just the best feeling!
  • Carl Cox, Umek, Paul van Dyk, Laidback Luke, Dubfire, all these artists (and many more) have supported the talent Steve Mulder. How did they give you backing and how is it possible that these names who partially count to different genres behave supportively towards you?
I make music that techno, tech-house and house dj’s like, but are also played by dj’s like Eddie Halliwell and Paul van Dyk. They like to mix techno tracks through their sets. Dj’s like Carl, Eddie and Paul to name just three have supported my tracks on their radio shows, during their gigs and on several mix / compilation cd’s like Global Underground, Cream Ibiza and Dance Valley.
  • Did you target any special thing like anything you want to reach in your career as a deejay and producer or do you await the course of events?
I want to establish myself as a dj but also as a producer in the near future. I want to travel the world, meet good people and just enjoy what I do!
  • A successful deejay can not avoid frequent travels. Do you perceive it as a kind of effort or do you enjoy the hectic life?
I like to travel the world and see different places but flying is not my biggest hobby. I don’t mind hectic, but delays, missed flights etc is not something I enjoy, but who does?!
  • What do you do when you really want to relax and to take a break from everyday life? Is there any insider tip you could give our community?
I would like to say “enjoy the sun” but that’s a bit hard in the Netherlands haha ;-)
  • Let us take a look at the future: what can our listeners and all friends of electronic music expect from you?
I have lots of releases planned (original tracks and remixes): I have a track coming out on Cristian Varela's label Pornographic Recordings early September which will be remixed by Cristian Varela himself and Marco Bailey. I recently made a track together with my good friend Gabriel Ben, it's a re-work of the classic techno track "Titan" by Tomaz & Kobbe which was originally released on Intec a few years ago, now it will be out on Spinnin early September. I also did a few tracks together with Roel Salemink, 2 of them are signed to Nervous Records. And there will be a few remixes out soon, one for Elio Riso & Ramon Castells called "Locuras In Ibiza", one for Oz Romita called "Breaking Bad" and a remix for Stevie Cripps called “Soul Fire”. Then I have some very special guests on my radio show in the near future like Michel de Hey in September!
Thank you very much for answering all these questions. We wish you all the best for the future!
  • Thank you very much for answering all these questions. We wish you all the best for the future!
Thank you! And hope to see you all soon at one of my gigs!

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